offDev(Sec)Ops Specialist or System administrator avec BeCode

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  • Objectif et Contenu

    After a 7 months intensive free training, you will be able to help companies to deploy and maintain and secure applications and services.

    After the training you can become a System Administrator, DevOps Specialist or CloudOps Specialist.


    Warning: This training is provided in English

    !!! As a result of the public health mesures, this training will be provided in a blended learning format, ie. a mix between online training and sessions on Becode’s Digital Campus !!!

    Tech Skills

    You will learn to take in charge the entire lifecycle IT process, from infrastructure maintenance, passing by automation of testing and building, to security concerns.  You will learn to build a complete pipeline for projects.
    The target skills touch these topics:  Terminal, Shell Scripting, Server Fundamentals, Secure Programing, Server Infrastructure, Software/app testing, Continuous Integration, Virtualization, Cloud Management.

    Soft Skills

    A professional needs a deep understanding of a client’s needs and activities and must learn to communicate technical concepts to a customer who isn’t a specialist in the field. Therefore, You will learn to speak in public, to collaborate smoothly, to be agile and to manage a project from A to Z.
    Moreover, all BeCode graduates grow these soft skills:

    • Autonomous self-learner
    • Team player
    • Reliable
    • Solution Mindset
    Type de formation

    Bruxelles Formation - Contrat de formation pour chercheur d'emploi reconnu par Bruxelles Formation

    Conditions d'admission
    Prérequis administratif

    Avoir au moins 18 ans.

    This training is open to job seekers registered with Actiris (Depending on some of the funds, the priority will be given to residents of Brussels area).

    Warning: If you registered with VDAB or Forem, please contact them to request a document of "mobilité interrégionale" before the selection day.


    • No specific diploma, work experience or university degree is required.
    • Intermediate level of English (B2) : writing & reading
    • Fundamental computer know-how (tech savvy)
    • Problem-solver mindset
    • Strong motivation
    • Self-learner


    Adress of the training: BeCode Brussels - BeCentral Digital Campus - Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels



    7 months (+ 2 months internship)


    temps plein


    20 June 2023 (Internship starts in January 2024) / Once a year


    Gratuit -

    En pratique
    Pour s'informer et postuler
    To register it is compulsory to go through the selection process. In order to be invited to the selections, please follow the instructions on You will need undergo an assesment as instructed on Becode’s website : Registration ends the 6 June 2023. Selection days : 13 & 14 June 2023.
    Pour s'informer uniquement
    For more information, contact BeCode @
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